This is a space I created to share some things I'm passionate about: computer science, corporate governance, various hobbies, and perhaps some sociology and philosophy.

As a general introduction, I am a student in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada where I spend an inordinate amount of time on extracurriculars and many sleepless nights on both school and personal projects.

These projects include things like making a production management system, writing a game engine in a language ill-suited for the purpose, writing this blog, and numerous governance projects.

Among those governance projects is my current attempt to revitalize the Math Endowment Fund, increase Feds' (our student union) accountability, and helping Imprint Publications expand to become the driver of student-run media on our campus.

I'm not just a work-a-holic though; I also enjoy skiing, biking, playing piano, reading, calligraphy, and of course, watching Netflix.

This site will contain some anecdotes and progress reports on the things I find interesting to write about, and may include some guest writers as well!

I hope it proves an interesting read, and I would love to hear any feedback!